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Website Design in Dorking, Surrey.

We're a local website design business based around Dorking, Surrey. Our aim is to provide professional, friendly and price competitive website design and development to local businesses in Surrey. We help your business achieve an online presence, be it an E-commerce website, blog or informational website. We also make web based applications! Click the links at the top to look around.

Design Technique

Our web design techniques

Many of our competitors use Wordpress to design all of their websites as it offers fast, simple design without needing a knowledge of the relevant technologies. Here we prefer to build sites from the ground up, coding a majority of our projects by hand, this offers more customisation and doesn't limit the scope for the site, however, for certain projects it makes sense to use wordpress if time if a limiting factor.


The cost of our website design and development

The development we provide is the most price competitive around with prices starting at £500 with hosting at £50 per year and no hidden costs. This beats any other design company without sacrificing quality or service. Of course larger projects such as E-commerce websites (online stores) or app building will cost more but still doesn't come close to what our competitors charge.


Our philosophy surrounding website design

Our philosophy is that if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well. We do not cut corners and put 100% into all of our projects to ensure the finished product is of the highest possible quality. The means that our customers are satisifed with what they pay for. And if they aren't we will continuiously improve our work until they are.

Sample our work!

Technologies we use & examples!


HTML5 is the newest version of Hypertext Markup Language (the language all web pages are written in). HTML5 has allowed us to streamline the process as many things no longer require plugins such as flash for video or applications. This has meant faster and more user friendly websites and applications.


CSS3 is the newest version of Cascading Style Sheets (the language used to style web pages). It has allowed us to create infinitely better looking web pages with the addition of 2D and 3D transforms, transitions, animations and most importantly media queries. Media queries are what we use to design websites to be mobile & tablet friendly by adjusting the page depending on screen width.
Click here to see some amazing examples of CSS3!

Javascript programming

Javascript is the programming language of the web. It allows us to build powerful web applications and is usually focused on completing a task, for example web form validation to make sure a user has entered the correct criteria based on rules or even to build a website based video game like snake.
Click here to play snake!

PHP programming

PHP is another programming language but this time it's focued on interacting with a server. For example if you have a database of login details for your website php will interact with that server database and see if the login details the user evetered match what is says in the database

SQL programming

SQL is the language used to create databases on a server, it allows us to store infomation such as login details, create search queries or even dynamically display infomation on a web page. Most website that require a lot of infomation to be stored will use an SQL database